NEW VIDEO: Apple Tablet Will Seek to Redefine Print Media

I’ve been tracking rumors on MacRumors for some time about the widely anticipated Apple Tablet – a sort of IT Godot rumored for years, yet to appear. The latest rumors, taken together, suggest the tablet should finally arrive in 2010 Q1 or 2.

What does this have to do with New Video? This piece from MacRumors indicates that Apple has met in recent months with media companies including The New York Times and textbook publishers. Apple’s goal isn’t just to put text on a tablet, a la Amazon’s kindle. It’s to create a true multimedia platform – requiring content providers (read: publishers) have true multimedia offerings, not just text.

If the Apple Tablet finally materializes next year, and does for multimedia what the iPod did for music, true multimedia, an idea frequently touted but seldom realized (with the exception of occasional well-integrated websites), may be that much closer.

Stay tuned.


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