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Healthcare is the Business of Summer 2009
By Jeremy Jacobs

Shortly after President Obama, Democrats and liberal interest groups let it be known that they would focus their fire—and ads—on the insurance industry in their fight for healthcare reform, those insurers sent a clear response: We are ready to use our checkbooks, too…

[Some] members of the liberal coalition are turning to smaller shops that will make spots at a fraction of the price.

Dan Manatt of PoliticsTV, which produces Americans United for Change’s ads, says he is charging the group significantly less than other “mainstream” shops because he keeps his production costs low. Manatt says he rarely charges more than $5,000  while some others may charge upwards of $20,000.  

LYNDA JOHNSON ROBB VIDEO L.B.J.’s Daughter Defends Medicare, Her Father’s Legacy


SALON: Bad politics to oppose healthcare reform?

Americans United for Change, a liberal group backing healthcare reform, is out with a new ad that tries to push votes in Congress for the Democratic plan. The spot is something fairly new, strategy-wise, at least for this fight — a case for the proposals on both policy and political grounds.

Instead of a traditional narrator, the ad features an actor playing a political consultant, who speaks directly into the camera to say, “Congressman, as your political consultant, I’m sorry you lost… I was wrong… Guess your vote against health insurance reform turned out to be bad politics.”

The spot is accompanied by polling data put out by the group to make the case for healthcare reform as a smart political choice.

Americans United for Change is up with a new TV ad on DC cable, arguing that a vote against health care reform will be “bad politics” (Wake-Up Call! sources).
New ad Monday from Americans United for Change — a five-figure buy on DC cable. Political Consultant: “Congressman, as your political consultant…I’m sorry you lost… I was wrong. Turned out the voters hated the strangle hold the insurance companies have on health care.. raising premiums…cutting off people with pre-existing conditions… making health care decisions instead of doctors. And they didn’t much like the millionaire insurance CEO’s you were hanging with either. Guess your vote against health insurance reform turned out to be bad politics.”

Americans United has a new TV ad arguing that a vote against health-care reform is bad politics.

September 14, 2009: AUC: ‘Bad Politics’
Americans United for Change makes the case, in this D.C. cable spot, that members of Congress will be punished for voting against health care reform.
The White House and its allies are trying to beat back the conventional wisdom that for the members for whom it matters — Democrats in conservative districts — this is a dangerous vote.
The National Journal
William Schneider: Joe Wilson Unites Democrats
September 19, 2009

… Democratic activists used Wilson’s outburst to rally their party’s rank and file. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent a message to backers: “Calling the president of the United States a liar in front of the nation is a new low even for House Republicans.” Americans United for Change charged in a Web video, “It’s official. The Party of No has become the Party of No Shame.”

Americans United for Change uses Bill O’Reilly to make the case for a public option, in a new Web video.


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